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Welcome to the home of MXPie Patch - for WinMX users

Welcome to the MXPie Team’s NEW! website. www.winmx4u.com. It's here that we, the former MXPie.Info Team can provide you the answers to your questions regarding WinMX for the best and safest experience possible.

We are now offering default blocking and filtering built in to our new MXPie Patch (MXPie Patch United v1.0) We no longer recommend MXPie Patch 3.6 and encourage all MXPie Patch 3.6 users to update to the our latest and most safest MXPie Patch (MXPie Patch United v1.0)

Please NOTE:

The MXPie team are no longer working at mxpie.info website or on the forum.mxpie.info but be assured we are still carrying on all our work with WinMX, our new website is www.winmx4u.com and our new forum can be found at forum.winmx4u.com

We are able to help with WinMX connection problems such as configuring a firewall for WinMX and setting up routers to allow WinMX ports. We can also provide tips and tweaks for using WinMX to its full extent.

WinMX4u.com is your one-stop shop for finding the WinMX tools you desire and the help you need to maintain the fun, vibrant online life you know and love.

The MXPie Team at winmx4u.com will provide you with ALL your WinMX connection needs!

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