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MXPie - Our Philosophy

Frontcode shut down their WinMX servers in September 2005, at that time when we were going channel to channel asking users on primary connections to stay connected as long as they possibly could. During that period, many dedicated people came together to release a method that enabled users to connect to the WinMX network once again.

Since that time, we at MXPie have become far more knowledgeable and sophisticated in many key areas. Among those areas are customer service in the MXPie help rooms and setting up highly interactive WinMX help bots that keep all of our accumulated reference materials literally "at our fingertips" 24/7!

With the inception of MXPie, we look to continue our good work by providing a MXPie Patch and WinMX connection resource and delivering the tools you need to use the WinMX network for years to come.

We are very excited to announce we are rolling out a new forum and a new patch MXPie Patch United v1.0 to further make winmx safe and secure of all to use and as a resource for WinMX help. Many team members have already worked long and hard to make this happen. Enjoy its functionality and visit as much as you can. It will change rapidly with people posting new things quite often.

The MXPie Team would like everyone to benefit from the full potential of the WinMX network. Try something different, learn new things, make some friends from around the world, and most of all, enjoy WinMX!