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Chapter 1 : Introduction

Download FXServer
Help and suggestions for the configuration and the management of the Chat Server FXServer Version 1.3.7
The first thing to do when you desire to open a channel is to read the Instructions attentively. The biggest problem is that help guides are often written for someone who already has some experience in hosting a channel.
This guide is made for the average user that knows at least partly the basics of using a PC.
Firstly, chat comprises of several distinct user levels:
Guest, consumer or user = it is simply the person that casually enters your room, we are all users or consumers.
Agent or moderator of the chat = this user he has received a password or Login that it allows him to check that in chat all have a happy permanence (as far as possible) and in case of problems or quarrels or of simple disturbances of the chat he is responsible to resume the decency in chat . An Agent is usually able to kick, to ban and to remove the voice of an user! In the chat user list, a moderator can be recognized by a sign + before the Nickname
Admin = it is the person that has access to all the functions of the chat server, he can use all the commands of an agent and has superior decisional power in comparison to all inside the room. (equal to who opens it) In the chat user list, an Admin can be recognized by a sign @ before the Nickname
Host or Co-Host = You will be the host of your own channel after you have completed the configuration of your chat server. You have the power to modify all the configurations of your room; you have superior power to any user that enters the room. This is not to be underestimated. It is your duty to make variations in the configurations when they don't fully satisfy the demands of your users, agents or admins. You should take into consideration how much value the USER has to an Agent, an Admin or yourself (only he who thinks in this way he can be a good chat host). The fact to physically entertain the users in your computer doesn't give you any right in to prevail on the other users of the room!!! In the chat user list a host or co-host can be recognized by a sign @ before the Nickname The Host of the chat is also called Elite!
What is a chat server?
The chat server is a program that allows us to be able to virtually entertain people right from our own personal PCs. Everyone who uses WinMX will be able to retrieve the address or "hash" of your chat channel. The hash is simply the external IP of our computer that is assigned us by our ISP (the firm that furnishes us the service Internet). Additional details about hashes and IP's are covered in the next chapter.

Chapter 2