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Chapter 2 – Explaining Ports and Hashes

What is a port?
Compare your PC to a castle. The inside of a castle has many doors, for example to the kitchen. The same can be said about hosting a channel. In order for a user to enter our chat, he or she needs to know which door will allow him or her to enter our channel.
When a stranger wants to come to our castle he will need to know the address where our castle is to be found and which door insides the castle to use. WinMX represents these two things with Numbers and Letters
For example, take a random IP address: to castle) and a port (door). For FX Server the usable ports are from 1 to 65000 (it is always recommended to use the ports recommended by the software producers). The default port that is assigned by FXServer is 6698. Therefore: ip port 6698
Now that we have explained to you these things, you may wonder why on WinMX are the names of the chatrooms not revealed in this manner. Let’s look in further detail….
We take our server…
We open the Config TXT and observe it

/Port 6698
/setchannelname Testroom
/setchannelname2 Testroom2
Let’s begin here:
FXServer is developed in two languages: Italian and English
If we want English, we simply put ENG in place of ITA.
Do you see port 6698 …remember that is used to tell people which door to enter to come to your chat.
/setchannelname Testroom
/setchannelname2 Testroom2
FXServer allows you to set two different names for the same chat channel. If in place of Testroom you wrote Paul’s Chat, in the list you would see Paul’s Chat and also Testroom2. You can invent a second name for the channel or cancel the whole line: /setchannelname2 Testroom2
Let’s set the name of our channel by changing the defaut: /setchannelname Testroom to:
/setchannelname Paul’s chat
Now I will explain how to find out the IP and port of a channel.
We were explaining that in list the chat doesn’t seem to appear as I have explained above or I address ip + hands
If we launched the server right now, the channel name as listed on WinMX would be:
Paul’s chat_9A5006571A2A
all the programs–> accessories–> calculator). We will convert the chat hash ( 9A5006571A2A). The chat hash is your ip + port. To find out how to covert it, follow this procedure:
First you split the hash into sections: 9A/50/06/57 (the last 4 figures I will explain later)
Then select in the calculator the function HEX and input the first part of the code 9A and then click on DEC. The result will be 154. Save the data and repeat the same procedure for the other numbers
HEX 9A=DEC 154
HEX 50=DEC 80
HEX 06=DEC 6
HEX 57=DEC 87
You now take the last 4 figures and do the same procedure (the last 4 figures of a hash must be calculated together because the port always uses the last four figures)
HEX 1A2A=DEC 6698
The final result will be 154 80 6 87:6698
Take the figures from the above step. The port (6698) is separated with a colon. Now we add the port: 6698 Here we show that the hash of a chat in list corresponds to the IP address and port of the chat server
then 9A5006571A2A=

FX Guide ©2006,2007 TNT-Tony. English Translation by Calypso.

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